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This is the fic-only journal of ink_stain. Right now the forecast calls for heavy Supernatural, with some scattered RPF, a little Gilmore Girls, and a bit of Friday Night Lights.

Disclaimer and Obligatory Ass-Covering: Here thar be stories involving sexy touching of the male/male and male/female varieties, both FPF and RPF. These stories are adult in nature, so if that sounds less than kosher to you, or if you're under the legal age of consent for your country, do us both a favor and skedaddle.

Also, I own a computer, far too much perfume, three red glass apples, nineteen pairs of shoes, and a Rottweiler named Morpheus. What I don't own are the characters in my fic. They are property of their respective owners, and I'm making no profit from these stories.

Feedback is always welcomed, and cherished like an old teddy bear.